Caracara Collective

Caracara Collective is turning bio waste into art and design, through installations, products, and experiments. They aim to promote a new wave of sustainable design, envisioning a future without harmful materials; a future where waste is a resource. Their natural materials are collected, and products are constructed locally in Helsinki. Caracara believes in creating outcomes which are in harmony with nature, aiming to inspire others to join the bio-movement.
Caracara Collective derives its name after a bird, which is native to central and south America. Like many other bird species, the Caracara collects natural matter with which it makes its nests. This reflects Caracara Collective's view on recycling, and using what is readily available to us. In addition, caracara is a type of orange whose peel is one of their main ingredients.

Caracara Collective is an experimental design studio that creates art and design installations and collections using bio waste. They use locally-collected organic waste, and renewable materials to craft their products, which emphasises their aim to create a circular economy: one where products can live and be reborn over and over again.

Primarily, Caracara Collective uses orange peel (leftover from the local supermarket’s juice machines), pine needles (fallen from discarded Christmas trees left outside after the Holidays), reed (washed up on lake shores), water, mycelium (mushroom composites), and reclaimed wood collected from a workshop 10km away. Caracara Collective is promoting a new wave of sustainable design, envisioning a future without harmful materials, and one where waste is a resource.


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