Puretree Cork Adhesive Trowel for Bostik A800


This notched adhesive trowel has a spreader blade made from stainless steel, and is 18cm wide, ensuring proper adhesive distribution.

Key Values


The adhesive trowel comes with an ergonomic handle which ensures maximum comfort while in use. Its notches are designed to allow the right amount of adhesive for laying products such as the Bostik A800 adhesive when installing a variety of cork floors or wall tiles.

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Puretree Cork only source their materials and products from sustainable and ethical companies such as Amorim.

Cork is a fantastic sustainable material for interior design projects. It is a 100% natural plant tissue that comes from cork oak trees: it is 100% renewable and completely sustainable. Cork is also a thermal and acoustic insulator, fire retardant, impermeable, light and bouncy, hypoallergenic, and also great to look at!

Puretree Cork’s wall tile range is designed with sustainability in mind from the outset; they are unique in providing a climate positive product with a carbon negative footprint.
Technical Specification
Product Info:
Brand: Roberts.
-Dimensions: 18cm
Delivery & Packaging
Shipping options include: Pallet Delivery Service (for safe delivery of flooring) - £72
Medium Item delivery service (adhesives over 5kg & Wall tiles) - £24
Small Item delivery service (adhesives under 5kg and accessories) - £12

Everything is shipped in either cardboard boxes or pallets.

Puretree Cork

Pure Tree Cork is one of the largest retailers of quality cork in the UK. They offer a large variety of cork to suit all projects and budgets. They work with designers, architects and private clients to create versatile cork products for commercial and private projects.