Studio Arby Daff bulb tray


Functional tray and decorative artwork all in one. This little daffodil bulb is the epitome of spring joy.

Use it to brighten up your coffee in bed or keep as a decorative bedside trinket tray.

Made from papers, old and new, collaged onto ply wood board and finished with solid oak edgings.

Each tray is sealed with a low impact varnish to retain the delicate textures of the papers whilst also rendering them heat proof, wipe clean and food safe. (Simply wipe any spills or crumbs away with a damp cloth).

Intentionally designed to hang on a wall when not in use and be enjoyed as art. Resting easily on a nail or picture hook.

Always one of a kind and handmade. Designed to be kept, admired and used.

Dimensions; aprox. 15cm x 30cm

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Studio Arby

Handmade functional art works & decorative homewares by Ruby Bender.
Created to enliven the home and our daily rituals within it.