Victoria Gilles Fernández Islands Wall Art


A hand painted stoneware tile wall hanging

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This is a stoneware tile/wall hanging with a pattern made by inlaying coloured clay into the base surface. It has been hand-painted with underglaze and finished with brushes of transparent glaze.

Note: it doesn't have a hook at the back, it has to be mounted to a frame for hanging. Or can be placed on the mantlepiece or shelf, and then secured to the wall with a command strip or similar.

Longest side: 24 cm.

Because this is a handmade product, all measurements are approximate and may vary from one piece to another.


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Victoria Gilles Fernández products are hand-built using techniques such as pinching, slab building, coiling, and inlaying. Not only does this conserve traditional practice, it is also energy saving since no pottery wheel is used. Victoria makes products in small batches or by custom commission, so little to no materials are wasted.

All the materials and ingredients used in Victoria’s ceramics are sourced from local businesses: biodegradable and paper-based materials are always chosen if possible. Most clays, packing and advertising materials she uses are both sourced and manufactured locally in the UK, and her glazes and stains are sourced from companies based in France and Germany.

Clay can be used indefinitely if not fired, so Victoria endeavours to use every single bit of her supply. In fact, Victoria measures the amount of water her process produces, and through refinement of her technique has reduced her consumption to just 200ml per day. The packing materials and business cards are all made from recycled materials, and she will recycle what materials she has on hand from other packages too. If a product comes out wrong or is misfired, it is repurposed in Victoria’s home or used in a future mosaic in her communal studio.
Delivery & Packaging
All orders are packed in paper-based, recyclable packaging (even the tape!) and biodegradable loose fill.

Delivery fee is a flat rate of £6

Victoria Gilles Fernández

Victoria Gilles Fernández is making colourful, handmade ceramics in London. The studio makes an array of pottery for the home, each object different from the next. All of the work is handmade using hand-building techniques, such as pinching, slab building, coiling, and inlaying. The pieces are a constant reminder of where Victoria comes from, and where she is going. She aims to bring her own vision of the world and culture into joyful pieces for interiors.