Jott Studio

Jott Studio is making sustainable, well-crafted furniture. They design products for a circular life, meaning everything they make can be reborn as raw materials. Jott Studio engages with the whole product cycle, from sourcing, to making, to using, to eventual end of life recycling. This way, their pieces don't weigh heavily on the planet's resources, or your conscience. Jott Studios crafts using minimal, neutral materials to make products in small batches in their workshop.
Jott Studio is making honest, well-crafted furniture for home or workspace interiors. Jott Studio approaches products with a circular life in mind, handcrafting in small batches in their studio in Gloucestershire so that all of their products may be reused and recycled endlessly. They honour traditional construction techniques, allowing for refurbishment and repair as your furniture evolves alongside you. Therefore, Jott Studio is guided by the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Jott Studio is proud to use 100% British timber for all of their products. The wood they use is grown within a 140-mile radius of their mill, reducing their carbon footprint and protecting the local habitat.

Jott Studio also offers a bespoke service for individuals and businesses pursuing a zero to landfill lifestyle. In addition, replacements can be endlessly ordered online for all Jott Studio furniture, at a discounted price for returning used parts. They believe that the key to circularity is an emphasis on reusing and repairing, instead of replacing.