Moodlight Studio

Moodlight Studio are crafting handmade, aerial lights, with the ambition to transform these everyday objects into a poetic universe. They take various recycled materials such as brewery waste or recycled plastic, and turn them into a design object with a story to tell. Moodlight Studio believes in the power of refined simplicity.
Moodlight Studio's primary vocation is to create objects that are functional, and above all unique. They combine the desire to design a sustainable world and aesthetic taste to explore new modes of creation.

Moodlight’s products give free rein to the imagination through their interconnected and airy poetry. By incorporating plastic or organic waste such as tea grounds, shredded plastic, or charcoal into their products, Moodlight transforms waste into something destined to remain. Most of Moodlight’s products are made from Jesmonite, a mineral based and solvent-free acrylic resin. They often collaborate with local businesses, collecting their waste to repurpose in design.


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