Nikki Kreis Peg-it-all Pegboard


A practical storage solution for studios and workspaces.

This product is made to order in 7-10 days.



Pegboards have long been a favourite practical storage solution for studios and workspaces. The Peg-it-all pegboards are made from heavy-duty Birch Plywood and feature sturdy holes and pegs along with a range of new accessories.

The new Peg-it-all range includes shelves and pegs of different types all of which slot into the main board giving an endless range of storage options.  Suitable for the kitchen, study, children’s room or hallways.

There are 3 options for accessories to choose from:

Option A:
- 12 x natural pegs with round heads
Option B:
- 1 x small shelf 12cm x 24cm
- 1 x large shelf 12cm x 32cm
- 6 x pegs with round heads
- 4 x straight pegs
Option C:
- 2 x small shelves 12cm x 24cm
- 2 x large shelves 12cm x 32cm
- 6 x straight pegs

Additional shelves and pegs are available to purchase.

Wall mounting brackets and installation instructions are included


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The story behind Kreisdesign begins with an appreciation for materials. Working with wood, felt, fur, and metal, Nikki Kreis develops products with their own identity while giving the materials space to shine through. A love of functionality comes to the fore with these beautiful, thought-provoking products.

Worker’s rights:
Kreisdesign only works with reputable, small scale vendors & manufacturers.

Preserving resources:
The main materials used in Kreisdesign’s products are birch and beech plywood, which can be reused and recycled for generations. For example, at the end of its life cycle, the pegboards and accessories can be used as scrap timber in timber yards or wood workshops.

Responsible sourcing:
The wood suppliers Kreisdesign buys from all have Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certifications, meaning the materials come from well-managed, sustainable sources.
Their materials are mainly sourced from the UK too, with odd bits sourced from Germany. Distribution is international.

Made in the UK
All of Kreisdesign’s products are manufactured in the UK.
Technical Specification
Size of the board:
W 66 cm, H 114cm
Delivery & Packaging
Delivery fee is £9.50 per pegboard.

Nikki Kreis

Kreisdesign design and manufacture contemporary pegboards and products from plywood, to help organise and display all the aspects of daily life. Everything from Kreisdesign is conceptualised, designed, and made in Britain. A tactile approach to life as well as an appreciation for functional design gives Kreisdesign its unique and renowned name.