Ōragi make hand-crafted, natural and wellness-focused furniture. The company aims to be sustainable, produce as low VOCs as possible, and contribute to a circular economy. Their process is just as important as the finished product, meaning that the life cycles of their products have been considered since their inception. Above all, Ōragi provides environmentally-considered options which can be cherished for generations.
Ōragi was created by a sufferer of asthma and other allergies, who was simply looking to furnish their home sustainably and with low off-gassing pieces. With an obvious gap in the market, Ōragi aims to create honest design, featuring key elements of beauty and balance. The holistic approach from inception allows perspective and constraint when designing pieces.

Significantly, Ōragi operates within a circular economy. This means that the entire life cycles of their products- from inception to completion- is carefully considered and fully renewable. In addition, every piece is made to order in their UK workshop, and is created to last a lifetime.


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