Rachel Fowler Interiors

Rachel Fowler Interiors are designing interior spaces which prioritise health and wellbeing. Rachel works from her studio on the South coast of England to create gorgeous, sustainable interiors, as well as eco-friendly wallpapers. Fowler Interiors are a member of Tree Sisters, which means for every order placed, 3 trees are planted. All designs are hand-drawn and hand-painted in the United Kingdom.
Rachel Fowler has always wanted to create something that would change the way we design; to help people live and work in more healthy, sustainable environments. During her years as a paediatric intensive care nurse, a passion for sustainable design was ignited. She has a degree in BA interior design, and has written ‘My Happy Place – Healthy, Sustainable, and Human Design for Life and Work’ during lockdown. In spring of 2022, Rachel Fowler Interiors was launched.

Rachel Fowler created hand-painted, eco-friendly and biodegradable non-woven wallpaper, as well as providing bespoke sustainable design services. All of Rachel Fowler's designs have a story behind them. Her first collection, for example, reflects her love of the Far East, particularly Japan and its cultural heritage.


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