Shiv Textiles

Shiv are handcrafting sustainable textiles in Brighton. By putting a modern spin on a traditional craft, Shiv Textiles aims to show that it’s possible for us to enjoy pieces that we cherish while minimising the impact we have on the planet too.
Shive Textiles is an independent, Brighton-based studio, aiming to close the loop on fash-fashion textiles. They rescue deadstock yarn before it ends up in landfill and turn it into gorgeous homewares, accessories, and weaving kits that breathe life into any home.

Shiv Textiles was started by Siobhan Martin in 2017, while she was working as an intern for big-name brands in the textiles and fashion industry. Shocked by the amount of perfectly good materials going to waste, Siobhan wanted to take fast fashion off its pedastal. Being a one-woman business, Siobhan collaborates often with mills and factories across the UK to minimise their waste. She also collaborates with various artisans to create the perfect marriage of contemporary and sustainable design.

Shiv Textiles also offers workshops for the public in Brighton, so people of varying skill levels can learn the art of weaving.

Inspired by the rich textures of the modern world, Shiv uses natural fibres to put a contemporary spin on traditional weaving techniques. Their products do not follow the latest trends, instead they are made to transcend the seasons and made to last. Sustainability never goes out of style.


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