Sisaltech is making natural fibre insulation for both new homes and old. Their insulation is made from sisal, a highly sustainable fibre crop grown organically by small-scale farmers in east Africa. The company was founded by John Ferguson in 2012 when he was working with small-scale farmers in Tanzania. It was there he discovered the sustainable thermal properties of sisal, and now they produce one of the lowest carbon, high-quality sustainable thermal insulation products on the market today.
Sisaltech was founded in 2012 by John Ferguson, while he was working with small-scale farmers in Tanzania. It was here that he became aware of the versatile and sustainable sisal crop, and after discovering its wonderful thermal properties, Sisaltech was born. Their mission is to tackle climate injustice by creating a circular supply chain for sisal fibre, grown by small-scale farmers in east Africa.

Sustainability is at the forefront of all of Sisaltech's decisions, and they consciously make an effort to be as low-carbon and ethical as possible. They use virgin sisal crops imported from Tanzania, and recycled sheep’s wool from the Harris Tweed industry, as well as a starch-based binder which allows the product to be completely compostable from its offcuts to the end of its life-cycle. Sisal is a moisture buffering material; helping to avoid moisture build-up- and time saving, as its structure provides friction fitting and prevents slumping when installing. In addition, it can be simply handled without any protective clothing, and has no carcinogens. Sisal can be used on both new builds or retrofits alike.