Tomas & Jani

Tomas & Jani is transforming waste into furniture with a small team located in East Sussex. They imagine, design, and research with innovative and creative materials of the future. Tomas & Jani have developed methods to reuse and transform the likes of used coffee grounds, stone and metal dust, recycled paper, pallets. and bearers. All of their team is local, and they tend to not have any material shipped in. Tomas & Jani are constantly designing and inventing, finding new ways to use waste.
Founded by Jani Lemut, Tomas & Jani consists of a small team of passionate furniture makers with a range of skills.

The team was tired of seeing cheaply made products shipped from afar, having such a short life cycle, and destined for landfill. With trends in design and interiors changing so often, Tomas & Jani recognised that another way had to be paved.

It is really important to Tomas & Jani that their business is as local as possible. Therefore, they source coffee grounds from local independents, use unwanted building materials from skips, and take pallets from nearby industrial estates. All of their team is local, and they keep sourcing, designing, and construction, as localised as possible. They believe that the secret to success is to collaborate and connect with the like-minded: hence their recent collaborations with Kind Construction, InSpira, Materialise Interiors, and more.

Tomas & Jani aims to have a closed-loop cycle within the community. They want people to change the way they think about furniture in their homes, while injecting positivity and sustainable thinking into the community.


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