Triqis Mystic White Face Vase

By Triqis

Inspired by Cubism, the Mystic Face Vase acts like a piece of art itself. Handmade from a dense eco-resin, akin to marble in weight and feel.


3D printing was used in the design process of the Mystic Face Vase, which is where the subtle line pattern on its surface comes from. The gradual stone cutaway wraps around the curve of Mystic's cylindrical body, highlighting the protruding minimal face. Mystic's organic design and form give it a sculptural quality, making it the centrepiece of any interior display.

As Triqis' products are handmade, each product will be different. Air bubbles and minor bumps happen in the making and are unavoidable, making each product unique within itself, adding to its character.

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Since 2019 when Triqis was founded, sustainability and eco processes have always been at the forefront of their design process and production. They wish to not only minimise their impact on the environment and biodiversity, but also to not compromise when making design sustainable.

All of Triqis’ products are designed and made in their studio space in Wimbledon, allowing them to keep a close eye on all facets of production. This is why 95% of their manufacturing process is human-centred, with most of their products being carefully made by hand.

All of their materials, for both product-making and shipping, are sourced from local suppliers in the UK. They aim to work with organisations also focused on design and sustainability, such as Design Museum, Design Milk, DesignBoom, and Wolf & Badger. Companies such as these firmly believe in protecting the environment, and making sustainable design accessible. Design Milk in particular promotes diversity and equity while creating a global space for sharing, supporting, and fostering creativity.

Triqis prioritises eco-materials where possible. For example, they opt to use a water-based eco resin instead of normal resin containing harmful vegetable and synthetic oils. Also, they recycle all the water they produce back into the manufacturing process. Through developing a clean and filtered system in the studio that operates independently from any main water supplies, the water they produce can be reused for manufacturing.
Technical Specification
Specifications: Height: 160mm, Length: 110mm, Width: 110mm
Weight (grams): 1800g.

How to care for your vase: Although it is a hardy material, avoid dropping your vase onto hard surfaces as the impact can weaken or break the piece. Do not clean with coloured creams or soaps as they can stain the surface, clean gently with a soft cloth. To restore the surface shine polish with neutral coloured wax or buffer.
Delivery & Packaging
Ships in 1-3 working days. All products are shipped in brown cardboard packaging, with no printed branding so that they can all be reused.

Delivery fee is a flat rate of £9. Free shipping for orders over £30.


Triqis is a product design studio established in London. They design and craft interior objects inspired by and with modern design, architecture, and contemporary art.