Tŷ Syml

Tŷ Syml is using seaweed and mycelium (mushrooms) composites as a material to craft a multitude of products, such as bespoke wall panels and lamp shades. These natural, abundant, and sustainable materials are used to generate unique products. The designs they develop have a negligible impact on the environment.
Based in the heart of Wales, Tŷ Syml aims to inflict a positive impact upon the Welsh economy with their unique, sustainable designs. They wish to provide quality employment and training opportunities for local residents, while also attracting skilled individuals through various job roles. One of Tŷ Syml's main priorities is to put Wales on the map with a reputation for innovative and sustainable design. Tŷ Syml places value on the use of traditional craftsmanship to make modern and sustainable products, using locally sourced materials. Tŷ Syml questions why we are using materials that go through intense manufacturing processes and take hundreds of years to break down, only to produce single use products. They believe all designers should focus on the long-term impact of their products and production methods.

Tŷ Syml began by exploring the possibilities of using materials such as seaweed and mycelium composites to create, through trial and error, a new bio-material that could be used for a variety of projects. These materials are 100% natural, fully compostable, and can be recycled.