Victoria Gilles Fernández

Victoria Gilles Fernández is making colourful, handmade ceramics in London. The studio makes an array of pottery for the home, each object different from the next. All of the work is handmade using hand-building techniques, such as pinching, slab building, coiling, and inlaying. The pieces are a constant reminder of where Victoria comes from, and where she is going. She aims to bring her own vision of the world and culture into joyful pieces for interiors.
Victoria Gilles Fernández is a graphic designer and potter hailing from Argentina and currently working in Manchester. Crafting a multitude of interior objects and decorations, each piece is unique and special. Victoria uses various colours and patterns to highlight form and shape, taking frequent inspiration from cultures, heritage, nature, rituals and scenes from Latin America.

Victoria is currently working on a series born from a visual study on connections and distances. She thinks of each composition as a collage, where materials are used to create stories. Each piece talks about Victoria's perceptions as an immigrant, and are unrepeatable one to the next.


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