Victory Colours

Victory Colours are creating eco decorating supplies, and down-to-earth paints. A family business taken over by a brother and sister team, Victoria and James Yardley fostered a love for decorating at a young age. They aim to create paint with a difference, and have conceptualised a formula with extremely low VOCs and vegan ingredients. Above all, they wanted to create a paint which had as minimal impact as possible from its cradle to its grave.
Victory Colours is an independent, family owned business which has been creating eco decorating supplies for many years. When the business was handed down to brother and sister Victoria and James Yardley, they wanted to change the flow and create paint with a difference. Decorating our homes makes the world of a difference, but doing it sustainably makes a difference to the world. Therefore, Victory Colours have a technically advanced vegan formula, which is stain-resistant, highly durable and opaque, virtually solvent and VOC-free, and exceptionally low-odour.

Victory Colours also makes sustainable decorating supplies and wallpapers, so you don't have to compromise on sustainability when decorating your home. With over 80 bright and vibrant paint colours to choose from, Victory Colours paint is simple to use and provides a beautiful finish fit to see you through life.


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