Wehlers is making Danish dining table chairs and furniture from fishing nets, FSC wood and recycled materials, and e-waste, with a focus on circular economy. Established in 2017 by Henrik and Maria, their goal is to create with importance, while reducing their environmental footprint in the process. They are proud to be part of the global culture shift that is working toward redefining the way business considers success.
Wehlers is a sustainable and transparent company with the aim of bringing about positive change, focusing on the everyday choices we make which affect our children and their children. The company is proudly Benefit-Corporation certified, which means that they meet the highest standards for verified social and environmental engagement, public transparency and legal accountability to balance purpose and profit.
For Wehlers, the primary reason for a sustainable lifestyle is the hope that future generations will receive a better planet than we have now. They are guided by the following principles: respect, repair, and recycling.


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