Wonderwall is creating All Year Round Statement living walls. They have been promoting health and wellness solutions through year-round living walls since 2016.
Wonderwall (or Unique Spaces for Plants) is run by a team of specialist horticultural sector experts and attentive customer relationships managers. Managing director, Richard McKeever has over 20 years’ horticultural supplier and garden centre marketing experience, and is a trusted supplier of high-quality plants products. During his career he has won multiple flower show accolades including Chelsea Flower Show; Southport Flower Show; and many others.

Wonderwall specialises in vertical gardening for both commercial and leisure sectors. You can completely transform any interior/exterior space into an impressive feature by using the right selection of plant species. Along with providing gorgeous greenery, Wonderwall also seeks to help people make an easier change to a plant-based diet by providing grow-your-own salad and herb kits.

Some benefits of living walls include: - Improves air quality by increasing production of oxygen. - Lessens airborne particles and reduces dusty environments. - Cuts down energy costs and regulates temperature. - Works as wall insulation in the colder months, and cools buildings during summer. - Creates a natural habitat for birds and insects. - Protects walls from sunlight, acid rain, and UV radiation. - Offsets carbon footprint of people and fuel emissions.