Wonderwall Large Living Wall Kit


This large kit measures 2.3m2, and is ideal for transforming any larger space into a living wall statement. The vertical size of this kit can easily be expanded over time.


This large kit is perfect for bigger spaces within the home. For a fantastic year-round display create a green wall with winter berries, evergreens, hardy perennials, and houseplants. This kit is simple to put together, composed of recycled materials, and takes up little room in the yard, rooftops, high-rise balconies, bedrooms, dining rooms, or anywhere else you wish to install your living wall. The packaging is FSC-certified and sourced responsibly.

This kit contains:

32 planter sets
16 wooden battens
48 planter screws
32 batten screws
32 rawl plugs
16 water plugs.


For more information on this product please email info@igolo.org

When sourcing supplies, USP Creations trading as Wonderwall requires all suppliers to submit a Supplier Sustainability Audit Form and an FSC Outsource Agreement. This ensures that all of their products are sourced sustainably, and that they are sourcing from the most sustainable source available to them. The audit also tracks relevant health and safety statistics, so they know that they are buying from ethical suppliers who value their workers.

USP Creations has certifications from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), SafeContractor and SafeContractor PQQ, which ensures that their business is safe, stable, and ethical. USP Creations also regularly donates products to community charities, hospitals, hospices, and more.

Wonderwall’s products are made in Manchester, from 99% recycled polypropylene. 100% of the waste generated from the planter sets is recycled back into the process. There is no plastic packaging used across their supply chain. Wonderwall’s living walls are fantastic insulators, as well as providing various mental health benefits, and improving the air quality of the home.
Technical Specification
Product information:
Assembly & tools required
Surface coverage: 2.3m2
Pack Size: 32 planter sets & fixings
Product Type: Living wall planters.
Delivery & Packaging
Wonderwall's planter sets come packaged in cardboard and pallets. No plastic is used in the delivery and packaging process whatsoever.

Delivery fee is a flat rate of £12.


Wonderwall is creating All Year Round Statement living walls. They have been promoting health and wellness solutions through year-round living walls since 2016.