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High quality, sustainable house plants in a coconut coir pot that is 100% natural, compostable and renewable.

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The Chinese Money Plant, or Pilea peperomioides, is a small easy-care houseplant that is great on desktops and tables or as a hanging plant. A small herbaceous plant with distinctive disc-shaped leaves growing on long stalks (petioles), the Chinese Money Plant has a slightly drooping habit that sometimes makes it look as if it is wilting.

The shiny, bright green leaves, which are almost completely round, can grow up to 10cm across.

As the plants get older, they form a distinct stem, and the lower leaves eventually fall off, giving the plant a very distinctive form.

The Chinese Money Plant has been popular with collectors for some time but it wasn't until the 1980s that it was properly classified. It was first introduced to Europe from its native China in 1906, and it is very easily propagated from cuttings, which meant that it was passed among amateur horticulturalists for years before anyone tried to properly classify it.

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Houseplants breathe life and happiness, and Foli8 are doing their bit to share the joy and make your home and workspace a healthier, happier place. Taking sustainability seriously, from products to processes and from pots to packaging, Foli8 strive for improvement in environmental impact at every point.