foli8UK Dragon Tree "Marginata" Small

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High quality, sustainable house plants in a coconut coir pot that is 100% natural, compostable and renewable.

Our small Dragon Tree "Marginata", or Dracaena marginata, is an easy-care houseplant with a single stem that prefers dappled shade to direct sunlight. Dracaena marginata is an erect shrub or tree growing to a height of three metres or more. Its thin, snake-like trunk branches with age and is topped by rosettes of narrow, quite rigid leaves. Depending on variety these are green and/or yellow striped with red edging.

Often, these are sold in groups of three in a pot, with each plant a different height, and each with two or three branches of foliage - when arranged like this, they are called a touffe, or tuft. Older plants often have thicker stems and multiple branches.

There is much debate about the naming and classification of this plant and it is likely that the plants in cultivation are actually a type of Dracaena reflexa (D. reflexa var. angustifolium) or even Dracaena cincta, since true Dracaena marginata is a synonym of Aloe purpurea, which has much broader leaves.

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Houseplants breathe life and happiness, and Foli8 are doing their bit to share the joy and make your home and workspace a healthier, happier place. Taking sustainability seriously, from products to processes and from pots to packaging, Foli8 strive for improvement in environmental impact at every point.