Jott Studio Jott. Lounge Chair Two


The Jott. Lounge Chair Two is a fully circular chair: its cushions and springs are covered by Jott Studio's replacement scheme, and all of its components can be reused and recycled.

This chair is made to order, with a lead time of 6 weeks.



Refined to its fundamental parts, the Jott. Lounge Chair Two in four upholstery colour options showcases the beauty of the natural materials. This is the perfect chair to escape or relax in: promoting a calming environment where unwinding takes priority. Fabric options include: Sage, Charm, Dragon and Mushroom.

This chair is made to order with a lead time of 6 weeks. Please note: Made to order items are non-refundable. Please see our delivery & returns policy for more information.


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Jott Studio has a 100% British supply chain, meaning their products, from ideation to construction, are extremely localised. They design products for a circular life, ensuring everything they make can be repaired, reused, and reborn endlessly.

The primary material Jott Studio uses for their products is British Timber, grown within 140 miles from their workshop in Gloucestershire. This means that their furniture travels less than 200 miles before it reaches customer’s doorsteps: this minimises energy consumption and transport pollution. Each plank is then carefully analysed and used to ensure minimal wastage. The glue and stains they use for their products are a low-toxin alternative, which balances minimal environmental damage with outstanding performance.

Jott Studio also uses fine British wool to stuff their cushions. Their supplier is a member of the Campaign for Wool, which promotes the use of British wool, while raising awareness of the benefits that wool has to offer. For example: wool is naturally hypoallergenic, and it absorbs negative VOCs from the environment.

All of Jott Studio’s products are designed to be repaired and refurbished over time. This means when products like cushion cases wear out, customers can purchase replacements for their chairs. In addition, all of the components in their products are either recyclable, compostable, or can be used as biofuel.
Technical Specification
Dimensions: W610 x D780 x H760mm.
Wood Type: Oak.
Finish Options: Clear only.
Origin: England.
Delivery & Packaging
Jott Studio uses zero plastic packaging for their products. To package their products, they use cardboard and compostable bags.

Free Delivery.

Please note: Made to order items are non-refundable. Please see our delivery & returns policy for more information.

Jott Studio

Jott Studio is making sustainable, well-crafted furniture. They design products for a circular life, meaning everything they make can be reborn as raw materials. Jott Studio engages with the whole product cycle, from sourcing, to making, to using, to eventual end of life recycling. This way, their pieces don't weigh heavily on the planet's resources, or your conscience. Jott Studios crafts using minimal, neutral materials to make products in small batches in their workshop.