Ōragi Kumo Lounge Chair

By Ōragi

Crafted from natural, low VOC materials the Kumo Lounge Chair is designed for cosy and relaxed lounging.

This product is made to order in 6 weeks.


Minimalist in design, the frame is made from FSC bamboo. The richness of the grain pairs excellently with modern interiors adding an organic, biophilic aspect to any space. Our frames are offered with or without side tables and come in a variety of modular seating options to suit your space. 

The Kumo cushions are made with natural, non-toxic, sustainable upholstery. We use natural latex, coir from coconuts, lambswool and cotton for comfort and wellness. Additionally, our covers hold the EU ECOlabel and Indoor Advantage Gold certificate for air quality ensuring Kumo has low VOC off-gassing.

Made to order with a lead time of 6 weeks. Please note: Made to order items are non-refundable. Please see our delivery & returns policy for more information. 

For more information on this product please email info@igolo.org

Ōragi takes a circular approach to production, whereby each step of design and manufacture considers the impact on yours and the planet's wellbeing. Every step of the process- from inception to completion- is renewable and circular.

Waste management:
Ōragi does not use any water during their production process. However, their suppliers of bamboo and latex have water management and saving initiatives to reduce water consumption in raw material processes.
All fillings and fabric scraps are saved and used for other fillings in sofas and cushions.
Careful consideration is given during the design process to ensure minimal material wastage. All of their designs are tailored to suit the dimensioned boards used.

Preserving resources:
Bamboo can be refinished or repurposed indefinitely, and latex can be repurposed into crumbed fill or incorporated into a composite.

Responsible sourcing:
The primary materials Ōragi uses in their products are bamboo boards, latex, wool and cotton fill, wool covers, and rubberised coir.
All the bamboo Ōragi uses is from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified sources. The latex is Cradle to Cradle, FIRA, Eco institute, and Oeko TEX certified, and FSC managed.

Sustainable innovation:
The composition of Ōragi’s Kumo cushions are composed without the use of glue leading to their ability to be efficiently and effectively separated to be repurposed.

Made in the UK
All of their products are constructed in their workshop in Staffordshire.

Low toxicity:
The materials used produce low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and are hypoallergenic.

Health benefits:
Ōragi’s cushion covers hold the Indoor Advantage Gold label for Indoor Air quality, meaning they produce no harmful gases and improve your home’s air quality.
Technical Specification
L70 x W73 x H70cm

All seat heights are 43cm
Delivery & Packaging
Personally delivered, Ōragi wrap delicate edges in blankets.

Free Delivery.


Ōragi make hand-crafted, natural and wellness-focused furniture. The company aims to be sustainable, produce as low VOCs as possible, and contribute to a circular economy. Their process is just as important as the finished product, meaning that the life cycles of their products have been considered since their inception. Above all, Ōragi provides environmentally-considered options which can be cherished for generations.