Laura's Loom Overshot Throw No.1


The Overshot Throw No.1 is a deliciously soft woven throw from Yorkshire Dales wool and Cumbrian alpaca. There are just 20 throws available in this specific colour combination.

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The Overshot Throw uses a weaving style that was very popular in North America in the early 19th century. These patterns are traditionally highly geometric, with quite complex patterning achievable on relatively simple looms. Colour was used to create and enhance the geometry and a blend of 100% British grown, spun and dyed yarns to weave it.

The Overshot Throw No. 1 is woven in a range of warm and comforting ‘firelight’ colours: reds, oranges, yellows and purples. We made just 20 throws in the particular colour combination.

Approximate size: 150cm x 240cm plus fringe.

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Laura’s Loom aims to create high quality products from fully traceable, 100% natural British wool. Their business is guided by principles such as localisation, maintaining provenance, and giving back to the local community.

All of their raw materials are sourced locally, within a 30-mile radius of home operations. They visit the farmers every year to collect the wool; this is to ensure a quality product, while also maintaining relationships with the local farmers. They try to keep transport miles to a minimum: wool sourced directly from farms is grown, scoured, spun, dyed, woven and knitted at mills within 150 miles of home operations. Most of their customers are UK-based, which also helps to keep the entire process localised. Working with the same local companies over a long time builds up strong relationships which also works to preserve the local economy. The workshop itself is heated by an air-source heat pump, and the looms used are carbon neutral.

Laura’s Loom sources their wool directly from local farmers, and the wool is then processed and finished by a variety of companies who all keep to a high level of environmental compliance. This includes scouring, spinning, dyeing, weaving, and finishing the yarn.

Where possible, Laura’s Loom offers work experience to young people and students just starting out in their careers. In addition, they give back a portion of their sales turnover to local charities each year. In 2021 funds were donated to the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Fund, and in 2020 a substantial amount was donated to the Cumbria Community Foundation's Covid fund.

Furthermore, Laura’s Loom doesn’t throw away any of the waste produced during the weaving process. Instead, this is recycled back into other small projects or given to others for their own creative endeavours. Their products are endlessly reusable, and can be fed to a compost bin when they have reached the end of their lives.
Technical Specification
Made from a blend of Yorkshire Dales wool and Cumbrian-grown alpaca, all sourced from local farms and spun in West Yorkshire.
Woven and finished in Scotland at Drove Weavers and Schofield Finishers, respectively.
Approx. size: 150cm x 240cm plus fringe. Approx. weight: 1kg.
Recommended care: dry clean, or wash very gently by hand in eco-friendly detergent in lukewarm water. Be careful not to over-agitate or squeeze the cloth too hard. Rinse in lukewarm water, fold into a towel to soak up excess water, then hang over another towel to dry.
Delivery & Packaging
All of the packaging materials Laura's Loom uses to send products are made from recycled paper, card or plastic including envelopes, tissue paper, tapes, stickers etc. Laura's Loom aims to deliver within 3-5 working days.

Delivery fee is £7 per blanket.

Laura's Loom

Laura's Loom is creating high quality products from fully traceable British wool. They have been sourcing wool from local farms since 2008, creating hand-woven products from a variety of materials in their studio in the Yorkshire Dales.
Laura's Loom's guiding principles include keeping it local, maintaining provenance, and giving back to their local community. They proudly support Britain's textile heritage, aiming to keep it relevant for future generations to come.