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This side table is constructed from a sheet of 100% recycled environmentally friendly material. Its organic shapes add a pop of interest into any interior space.

The table is made to order in 2 weeks.


100% Recycled Plastic Coffee table. Constructed using a flat sheet and 4 simple bolts in a flat pack manor, this side table appears exciting and innovative. The simplicity of the design means that it doesn’t overpower a space, and also goes in hand with reducing processing of the material and cutting time. Its soft and organic design allows it to immerse itself into a variety of interior spaces.

 The table is made to order in 2 weeks. Please note: Made to order items are non-refundable. Please see our delivery & returns policy for more information. 


For more information on this product please email info@igolo.org

Harry Peck is a 3D design graduate, who aims to combine a playful exploration of composition and form with thoughtful, purposeful design. When sourcing materials for projects, such as recycled sheet plastic, Harry Peck always ensures to visit the sites of production to ensure the quality of the materials, as well as a safe and fair workplace. In addition, he ensures the workshop has regular health and safety checks, as well as staff trained in first aid. Once sourced, everything is cut, assembled, and distributed from Devon, England.

All of Harry Peck’s products use 100% post-consumer plastic, of either a high-density polyethylene or a poly(p-phenylene oxide) variety. This means that all of their products are 100% recyclable, right from your recycling box at home.

As a rule, Harry Peck endeavours to use designs that produce minimal waste. All of the plastic sheets are used, down to precise and ergonomic cut lines and all off-cuts are recycled back into the process.
Technical Specification
The table Dimensions are W: 35cm D: 35cm H:35cm
Delivery & Packaging
All products are shipped in cardboard, which is 100% recyclable.

Free delivery.

Harry Peck Studio

Harry Peck is combining a playful exploration of composition and form with thoughtful, purposeful design.