Interested in designing a sustainable kitchen for your home in an effort to reduce your carbon footprint and energy consumption in the long run? 

Well, we are here to help!

Whether you are remodelling your kitchen or moving into a brand-new home, planning out your sustainable kitchen renovation starts with the materials and products that you will be using in the process.

And that is where these 5 sustainable UK brands can come in handy for your renovation process.


Starting Small or DIY Renovation

Planning on making small changes a little at a time, or planning to take on the entire kitchen remodel by yourself? Here are some material vendors, furniture, and home décor brands that you will want to know about.


Resilica Sustainable recycled glass worktop interior design

Beautiful Resilica worktops developed for stunning art deco flat in Hove #wickhall. Hand made in the UK from recycled glass.


Resilica – Sustainable Worktops and Surfaces

A sustainable alternative to common kitchen surfaces like natural stones, quartz, metals, or wood, Resilica is a perfect addition to any eco-friendly kitchens.

Made from 100% recycled waste glass, you can feel good knowing that the creation of your countertop helped do its part in reducing the amount of waste headed for the landfill and destructive quarrying for natural stones.

Not only that, Resilica also prides itself on using a manufacturing process designed to minimise energy consumption and is produced only on-demand to minimise its overall carbon impact.

Apart from being eco-friendly, Resilica worktops and surfaces also come with a variety of other benefits, from being fully customizable to any colour options, having a high resistance to physical and chemical damages, and a well-polished surface that makes it easy to wipe down and maintain.



Tala LED sustainable ceiling lights pendants kitchen


Talas sustainable range of LED ceiling lights - elegant pendants for your kitchen.



Tala – Energy Efficient Designer Lighting Fixtures

In a bid to encourage more people to swap out their inefficient lighting fixtures for energy-efficient LED ones, Tala specialises in creating beautiful designer LED energy lighting fixtures to help make the transition a little easier on the eyes.

Tala’s lighting fixtures do not only look stunning in a modern context but are also incredibly energy efficient. In fact, Tala’s LED lighting fixtures use only 10% of a traditional incandescent light bulb and last up to 15 times longer.

On top of that, the company also donates to reforestation programmes to help offset the carbon emission they generate.

Now that is a great option for low-consumption lighting – making it not only ideal for the kitchen, but also great for the entire home.



Woodmancote Retro recycled plastic table stools for the Kitchen


"The ‘Pill’ seat is made from recycled plastic bottles - 40 bottles in each seat." Woodmancote Retro


Woodmancote Retro – Sustainable Furniture 

Known for their one-of-a-kind bespoke furniture pieces, incorporated with high-quality reclaimed and recyclable materials sourced locally and kept away from the landfills, Woodmancote Retro is making waves in the sustainable furniture industry.

Committed to supporting the local circular economy, the designers behind Woodmancote Retro’s unique sustainable furniture pieces work hand in hand with local suppliers and creators to create these eye-catching and colourful designs that they are known for.

Whether you are looking for bar stools or a dining table in a funky design, you bet they have something just for you!


Marmoleum floor, sustainable linoleum flooring for the kitchen
Marmoleum - sustainable linoleum collection by Forbo


Forbo Flooring Systems – Environmentally Friendly Flooring Solutions

Standing by their commitment to providing environmentally friendly flooring solutions, Forbo Flooring Systems has worked to provide transparent product information of the various products that they offer – allowing consumers to make their own informed decisions.

Looking for a sustainable flooring choice? Linoleum, one of Forbo’s earliest flooring products, is a popular all-natural material with no toxic ingredients, biodegradable, yet tough and stain-resistant – perfect for the kitchen!


Planning A Complete Makeover

Planning a complete kitchen model and don’t have the time to manage all the work on your own? Can’t figure out how to piece all the sustainable elements of the kitchen together?

Not to worry, that’s where these professionals can come in handy!



Sustainable kitchens bespoke handmade for your home


"Choose a combination of cabinets, worktops and appliances or a full service including production engineering, mechanical and electrical design with full installation." Sustainable Kitchens


Sustainable Kitchens – Professional Kitchen Design & Renovation Company

The very aptly named Sustainable Kitchens is a professional design and renovation company with particular expertise in creating sustainable kitchens. 

If you have a vision in mind, they are the ones to help you make it a reality! From conceptualising, manufacturing to installation, they will be with you every step of the way.

Check out their comprehensive sustainability policy which serves as a guideline for all the work that they do – and you will understand that they are a brand that truly lives up to their name.


Bespoke sustainable kitchen UK
High quality, sustainable kitchens by naked Kitchens


Naked Kitchens - Professional Kitchen Design & Renovation Company and More

Naked Kitchens is another company that provides end-to-end services for creating your dream sustainable kitchen and more – they also help build utility rooms, dressing rooms to name a few.

From design, sourcing, manufacturing to the final finishing touches, Naked Kitchens prides itself on making sustainable choices to reduce waste, source locally to reduce emissions, and utilize eco-friendly materials in the process.

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