Our Mission

Changing the building industry, one home at a time.

IGOLO was founded by Sophia- an architectural designer with several years of experience working on residential projects across the UK. Throughout her work, she has found that sustainability often falls to the bottom of the priority list when designing or renovating homes, due to the challenges of navigating an industry that is full of complex and conflicting information. 

Sophia's mission with IGOLO is to create the #1 sustainability tool for homeowners and professionals across the UK and to make sustainable homes the easier and more convenient choice for many.

In 2018, leading climate scientists warned that there are only 12 years left before global warming causes irreversible damage to the environment. With less than a decade to go, the world is in impending danger. In Britain, the construction industry alone is responsible for 42% of total UK carbon emissions. We are not adapting our buildings and homes quickly enough to reduce these carbon emissions.

IGOLO's goal is to influence change within the building industry and to encourage sustainable approaches to home renovation and design: something which is needed now more than ever. We believe that this shift can begin with your home renovation projects. By raising awareness and providing education, we can build a community working towards a brighter and more sustainable future.