Laura's Loom

Laura's Loom is creating high quality products from fully traceable British wool. They have been sourcing wool from local farms since 2008, creating hand-woven products from a variety of materials in their studio in the Yorkshire Dales. Laura's Loom's guiding principles include keeping it local, maintaining provenance, and giving back to their local community. They proudly support Britain's textile heritage, aiming to keep it relevant for future generations to come.
From their studio in the Yorkshire Dales, Laura's Loom is creating a variety of hand-woven products, primarily using locally-sourced wool. Ideas are sampled on handlooms before they are sent over to a company in Dumfriesshire who transforms the British wool yarns into a plethora of textile goods. Some of their yarn is also sent over to Leicestershire to be knitted into woolly walking socks.

Laura's Loom began as a hobby, but grew due to a passion for all things woollen. The business continues to grow and develop as it gains support from friends and family over Britain, harbouring endless inspiration from the Dales in which they are based. Laura finds inspiration in the light of a deep winter afternoon, the softness of meadow grasses in summer, the textures of mosses and stones. A sudden flicker of colour in a busy urban landscape will generate a raft of ideas. Books on a shelf, an overwhelming sense of awe in a stained glass window, a beautifully crafted building. Laura's Loom is guided by goals of raising the profile of British wool, recognising the contribution of local farming communities, and an aim to work towards a sustainable future.

Laura's Loom knows that weaving will never turn old: the art has been around for millenia and it will stay for many more.