Nikki Kreis

Kreisdesign designs and manufactures contemporary pegboards and products from plywood, to help organise and display all the aspects of daily life. Everything from Kreisdesign is conceptualised, designed, and made in Britain. A tactile approach to life as well as an appreciation for functional design gives Kreisdesign its unique and renowned name.
Founded in 2012 by Swiss-born designer Nikki Kreis, Kreisdesign works directly with its manufacturers and retailers to develop sustainable and functional pegboards and accessories. Based in London, Nikki aims to enhance people's lives with products and spaces which function effortlessly and beautifully. Nikki has a hands-on, tactile approach to life which found its home in Kreisdesign.

Kreisdesign believes each product should develop its own identity while also staying close to its essence. In addition to making pegboards and accessories, Kreisdesign also works directly with shop owners, interior designers and architects to create custom design projects.


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