Old Fashioned Milk Paint

Old Fashioned Milk Paint is the faithful recreation of an ancient homemade paint formula, containing just milk protein, lime and natural earth pigments, making it eco friendly, non-toxic, VOC-free, food-safe & biodegradable. Loved by woodworkers, furniture restorers and upcyclers as an authentic period finish on furniture or other wood projects, it is used to achieve vintage colour in a flat, chalky finish, quite unlike any other paint. Also now available for walls, milk paint arrives in powder form to be mixed with water.
Old Fashioned Milk Paint was created by Charles Thibeau in 1974, while he was attempting to replicate an authentic finish for his colonial furniture reproductions. His dedication to the environment and his tried and true paint formula helped keep the recipe similar to the natural recipes of colonial America.

Milk protein and crushed limestone create a coating which toughens like concrete over time. The paint does not rub or smear off, and adheres to many surfaces such as wood and plaster. The deep, rich colours of milk paint authentically reflect colours found on existing antique colonial furniture and buildings. Paint made from milk was one of the earliest forms of paint available, and was commonly used by settlers in Colonial America. Using milk protein in paint fell out of use over time, in favour of latex recipes. Significantly, milk paint contains none of the harmful chemicals which can be found in today's paint formulas: it's safe to be used on children's toys, and fine for those with chemical sensitivities.

Thibeau developed the formula in a powder consistency, so that it may be mixed with water to create creamy paint, and can be made in various batch sizes. In 2008, the company introduced a second milk paint formula, called SafePaint. While originally developed as wall paint, it adheres to almost anything: including metal.

The packaging the Old Fashioned Milk Paint company uses is also resealable, and biodegradable.


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