PILKE is creating beautifully handcrafted lamps inspired by Nordic nature. They support wellbeing by enchanting lighting, from a large public space to an intimate interior sanctuary. PILKE aims to create lights which last from generation to generation, while sharing an open, authentic, ambitious and friendly culture. Their products have been nominated for the DESIGN PLUS award in Frankfurt several times, as well as GOOD DESIGN and GOOD GREEN DESIGN in Chicago and ECO DESIGN in Helsinki.
The story of PILKE's design starts in the forests of Finland. Trees of birch, oak and ash inspired the designers to create beautiful and intelligent Nordic lights. PILKE's Light Collection is the combination of Finnish handicraft techniques, and modern computer geometry. Quality design and sustainability is of utmost importance to PILKE: their Light Collection's thin Finnish plywood raw material is FSC-certified.

In addition, PILKE provides local social work programs as a meaningful movement to raise the quality of handicraft in Finland. PILKE is headed by designers Tuukka Halonen, Susan Elo, Janne Uusi-Autti, and Harri Koskinen. They aim to create designs which will be classic for generations upon generations.

PILKE is a part of the Swedish design company Maze Interior, which are all built on the values of ”Slow production” ,where local production, responsible recycled and natural material selections, and avoidance of air freight are their key aspects.


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