Tread Softly

Tread Softly is an independent British company, who are making beautiful and guilt-free furniture for a variety of interior spaces. Each piece is a design classic from the last century, carefully selected and made contemporary with thoughtful design.
Tread Softly was created by Hannah Wiles, a Manchester-based fine artist and furniture restorer. She has completed an arts degree and gained experience by working in the industry, and used these skills to create stunning contemporary pieces based upon a love for last century furniture.

The furniture that Tread Softly makes marries style and function in order to deliver stand out pieces to grace any home. In addition, every piece has a history, and is reinvented through environmentally-sound finishes.

Hannah believes that our homes should mirror the beauty of the natural world, without causing it any harm. Tread Softly was born determined to only use environmentally-sound materials, to create stunningly sustainable pieces that 'do not cost the earth.

Tread Softly also offers comprehensive workshops to upcycle your own piece of furniture. They include being shown how to prep, sand, paint and finish your item using exciting, modern paint techniques that will breathe a new lease of life into your chosen piece.