TWINN Pottery

Twinn Pottery is making functional homewares and goods that promote sustainable habits and mindful moments. Conscious of the need to live slower for the sake of our well-being and the planet’s, creator Faye Twinn runs her small garden studio with the environment in mind.
Twinn Pottery was created by Faye Twinn, who runs her small business alone from her garden studio which has a living roof and acts as a place of calm.

Growing up and studying around Devon and Cornwall, Faye Twinn has recently embraced pottery full-time. Her work is a cumulation of the understanding and necessity to live slowly and mindfully, both for our sake and for our planet’s.

Twinn Pottery was born with an eco-conscious ethos. The origins of ingredients are always thoroughly researched, including their respective impact on our planet. Twinn Pottery prides itself on making its own glazes, and sourcing materials and equipment with high ethical standards. To make the products, British mined and pug-milled stoneware is used, as well as a small eco top kiln and a Gladstone potters wheel.

Twinn Pottery’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in everything from equipment and ingredients, to construction and delivery.


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