Tŷ Syml ALGÂU Small


ALGÂU is Tŷ Syml's response to the research they undertook in Pembrokeshire into how seaweed was used on local beaches. Its original prototype was cast around a drawing of the lampshade in the sand on the beach.

This product is made to order in 2 weeks.


ALGÂU is made of a combination of seaweed and waste paper pulp, a product which is 100% sustainable and adds value to the environment. ALGÂU is tactile and possesses a natural warmth, with subtle smells of sea water.

ALGÂU was a response to Tŷ Syml's research into the utilisation of seaweed in local beaches. Tŷ Syml expanded upon this research, applying material experimentation into beautiful, unique products. Different varieties of seaweed are used to create various colours and characteristics.


This product is made to order in 2 weeks. Please note: Made to order items are non-refundable. Please see our delivery & returns policy for more information. 

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Tŷ Syml is a small workshop based in Pembrokeshire, Wales. With a focus on sustainability and boosting the Welsh economy, Tŷ Syml is currently experimenting with seaweed and mycelium (mushroom) composites to create a range of products.

Before working with certain businesses and suppliers, Tŷ Syml takes into consideration the brand’s locality, their values, and their practices. This includes working with social enterprises where possible, and visiting the site of the business to ensure their entire process, from manufacturing to shipping, is responsible and safe. In addition, Tŷ Syml checks their equipment and workplace quarterly and monthly to ensure the highest health and safety quality.

Tŷ Syml tracks all of their water use in their entire making process. Therefore, all of the waste they produce is recycled back into the making process, and they endeavour to use as little raw materials as possible. For example, the paper in their lampshades is 100% recycled. This means the lampshades themselves are recyclable and compostable, and Tŷ Syml themselves run a take-back scheme for lampshades at the end of their lifespan.
The primary materials Tŷ Syml uses when manufacturing their products are a variety of seaweed and recycled paper. These are sourced locally, within a 30-mile radius of their facilities in South Wales. Their seaweed is responsibly sourced from a supplier that has a Natural Resources Wales Marine Licence, meaning that the seaweed is sourced responsibly, and has minimal environmental impact on its natural habitat. The recycled paper they use is collected directly from their local community. In addition, they are on a renewable energy tariff, and no natural gas is used in the production process at all.
Technical Specification
Small ALGÂU dimensions: 275mm(W), 220mm(H).
Includes Fixtures and 1.5m Cable.
Delivery & Packaging
All of Tŷ Syml's products are shipped in cardboard boxes, with a brown paper infill. Their products also have a 1 year warranty, and they accept returns if the product is broken or damaged. Once returned, Tŷ Syml will recycle the broken product into new projects.

Tŷ Syml

Tŷ Syml is using seaweed and mycelium (mushrooms) composites as a material to craft a multitude of products, such as bespoke wall panels and lamp shades. These natural, abundant, and sustainable materials are used to generate unique products. The designs they develop have a negligible impact on the environment.