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High quality, sustainable house plants in a coconut coir pot that is 100% natural, compostable and renewable.


The Peace Lily is a vigorous plant with large, long, glossy, leaves. Officially known as Spathiphyllum wallisii, the leaves typically have a deep green colour, which contrasts sharply with the pure white, arum-like flowers that are borne on slender stems. Each flower may grow up to fifteen centimetres long, contains a creamy-white, maize-like spadix and turns green with age.

There are over 50 species of Spathiphyllum, although Spathiphyllum wallisii is the most common indoor plant. Plant breeders have produced many varieties and hybrids, including giants such as "Mauna Loa" and "Sensation" as well as variegated types (that look as if they have been kept too close to a clumsy house painter).

All Spathiphyllums do well in poor light and can tolerate occasional over watering and are ideal for novice houseplant keepers. Research conducted by NASA found the Peace Lily to be one of the top indoor plants for it's air-cleansing abilities.

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Houseplants breathe life and happiness, and Foli8 are doing their bit to share the joy and make your home and workspace a healthier, happier place. Taking sustainability seriously, from products to processes and from pots to packaging, Foli8 strive for improvement in environmental impact at every point.