foli8UK Rubber Plant "Abidjan"

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High quality, sustainable house plants in a coconut coir pot that is 100% natural, compostable and renewable.

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Rubber Plant "Abidjan", also known as Ficus elastica, is an attractive large-leaved foliage plant with very dark, glossy oval leaves that have a pale, almost grey, underside. The leaves emerge from red leaf sheaths

Ficus elastica is the original rubber plant. Elastica obviously means elastic, and refers to the sticky latex that exudes from the plant whenever its stems or leaves are damaged. This was used for the manufacture of soft rubber goods, such as elastic bands and erasers until the south American plant Hevea brasiliensis was introduced to south-east Asia in commercial plantations.

Ficus elastica was first introduced to the UK as a decorative plant in 1815.

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Houseplants breathe life and happiness, and Foli8 are doing their bit to share the joy and make your home and workspace a healthier, happier place. Taking sustainability seriously, from products to processes and from pots to packaging, Foli8 strive for improvement in environmental impact at every point.