Beuzeval Furniture Utility


The Utility is a stunningly handcrafted foldable stand, which adds an extra layer of depth and dimension to table spaces. It is handcrafted from eco-friendly Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified hardwood.



With its versatile and contemporary design, Utility acts as a centrepiece wherever it is placed. It is also foldable and space saving, easy to stow away when not needed. Whether you have a set of ceramics in need of display or want to draw attention to a food item on the table, Utility fulfils a multitude of functions.

Utility is crafted out of your choice of London plane, cherry and walnut, or oak and ash; sourced from a local tree surgeon, and finished with poly oil and wax.

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Mandie Beuzeval sources all of her timber from local timber yards that repurpose trees in the London and Essex area. Most of the timber comes from trees felled in and around London; trees that would otherwise be chipped and burned. All the timber she uses is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), meaning that it was harvested sustainably. This certification covers aspects such as protecting fragile ecosystems, respecting native cultures and economies, preventing illegal logging, restricting clear-cutting, and the use of pesticides. This means the timber she uses is 100% natural, produces no harmful gases of VOCs, and is reusable.

Being a small workshop, health and safety is prioritised, with frequent checks and tests. Beuzeval Furniture also has a no-waste policy, and a motto that everything will have a use at some point, so off-cuts are kept for future projects ensuring that all trees are used to their full potential in making long-lasting furniture. Any extra waste from production is taken for bedding at a local city farm.
Technical Specification
Dimensions: L520 x W220 x H110mm.

Care instructions for Utility: Clean with a dry clean cloth.
Delivery & Packaging
All products are shipped using recycled corrugated card or recycled furniture blankets and crates. Beuzeval furniture uses no plastic wrapping.

Delivery fee is a flat rate of £5

Beuzeval Furniture

Beuzeval Furniture prioritises traditional craftmanship over mass production: each product they sell is handmade with care with incredible attention to detail. Based in the east end of London, Mandie Beuzeval hones her passion for creating beautiful, quality furniture. They create handmade pieces for their online market, or take personal commissions through their website.