TWINN Pottery Plant pot


The TWINN Pottery Plant pot is a tactile and rustic addition to any home. Wheel throw in small quantities using sustainably sourced materials.

This midi sized plant pot is wheel thrown by Faye Twinn in the UK using sustainably sourced materials. All glazes are made from raw ingredients in her studio to ensure no animal derived products are used making them vegan friendly. 

The clay Twinn uses is mined in the UK and made using a repurposed chocolate mixing machine. 

Each piece is unique and sold individually. They all slightly differ due to the nature of thrown and hand carved pottery. 

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Twinn Pottery was born with an eco-conscious ethos. The entire lifespan of each product is researched and considered, from ingredients to shipping materials. A one-woman workspace, Twinn Pottery uses British mined and pug-milled stoneware, a small eco top kiln, and a Gladstone potters wheel. Not one ounce of material is wasted during the process.

Preserving resources:
Twinn Pottery uses studio methods to reduce and reuse their water consumption. Only cold water is used, and reusable water is collected in a bucket for future use.
Dried clay waste is reactivated with waste water, and reworked until it is up to standard. 50% of all Twinn Pottery’s pots are made with reclaimed water and clay.

Responsible sourcing:
Twinn Pottery uses clay and raw clay ingredients. The ingredients are researched thoroughly, as well as their origins, and how they are mined to ensure high ethical standards.
All products are 100% vegan. The studio even creates their own glaze as often, pre-made glazes contain animal derived ingredients.

Waste management:
The studio never disposes of waste clay.
Products are shipped using recycled cardboard and paper.

Reducing emissions:
Twinn Pottery’s studio is powered by 100% renewable energy sources.
All materials and ingredients are sourced locally to London.
Twinn Pottery’s studio boasts a living roof, which improves air quality, improves the insulation of the space, and provides habitats for the surrounding wildlife.

Made in the UK
All of the ingredients sourced by Twinn Pottery are mined and sourced in the UK, mainly Stoke-On-Trent and Cornwall.

All products and their components made from natural materials and no use of toxic chemicals.
Technical Specification
Size - approx 8cm h by 12cm w All Twinn items are dishwasher safe however for longevity it is recommended that you hand wash when appropriate.
Delivery & Packaging
All items are wrapped and packed in eco friendly materials.

Delivery fee is a flat rate of £4
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TWINN Pottery

Twinn Pottery is making functional homewares and goods that promote sustainable habits and mindful moments. Conscious of the need to live slower for the sake of our well-being and the planet’s, creator Faye Twinn runs her small garden studio with the environment in mind.