Old Fashioned Milk Paint Safecoat Acriglaze Matte Varnish


This safecoat is a nontoxic, clear, matt, topical varnish and mixing medium that can be used for furniture, art, wood, and various other projects. It is also mildew resistant and odorless.


Key Values


Acriglaze is the perfect topcoat over milk maint or chalk paint, as it provides protection whilst preserving the original colour and flat finish. The coat applies with a milky hue, but dries clear. The sage coat is ideal for anything from restoring old finishes to their original brilliance, to sealing and protecting painted furniture, and as an adhesive for paper mache.

Features and benefits of the Acriglaze:

Easy-to-use — dries fast; cleans up easily with water while wet
Superior durable finish — ideal for artwork restorations, driftwood and furniture projects where a flat finish and no colour change is desired.
Helps protect indoor air quality — prevents/inhibits chemical off-gassing
Non-toxic - Safely used by and for the chemically sensitive.
Resists water borne stains.

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Technical Specification
All Old Fashioned Milk Paint's packaging can be recycled, even their sample bags. Application: Before using, stir well and then apply with a high quality nylon or synthetic brush. Do not apply in thick films or overload the surcace, it is better to apply two thin coats than one thick coat. Wear a mask if spraying adn ensure adequate ventillation. Clean brush with water while wet.

Old Fashioned Milk Paint

Old Fashioned Milk Paint is the faithful recreation of an ancient homemade paint formula, containing just milk protein, lime and natural earth pigments, making it eco friendly, non-toxic, VOC-free, food-safe & biodegradable. Loved by woodworkers, furniture restorers and upcyclers as an authentic period finish on furniture or other wood projects, it is used to achieve vintage colour in a flat, chalky finish, quite unlike any other paint. Also now available for walls, milk paint arrives in powder form to be mixed with water.